Agricultural Machinery

Step into the land of agriculture here at Pronar. We have a variety of machines to fit all of your agricultural needs.

Trusted and tested by farmers. Nationally.

Slurry Tanks

On many farms, slurry (a combination of cow manure and water from washing the milking parlour) is stored in a special tank until it is ready to be applied to the land as fertiliser for plants. At certain times of the year slurry cannot be spread due to weather and environmental conditions.

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Manure Spreaders

Manure spreading operation across the expanse of a farmland becomes an easy task with Pronar UK’s manure spreaders. These machines have in them a hydraulic drive system installed, internal shredder and external beater, free-swing flails that can be easily maneuvered and a fully-loaded gearbox. With its imposing structure and its unhindered gate opening, it is the best choice for livestock agriculturalists.

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Chaser Bins

Transport lump sum harvest with Pronar’s proactive chaser bins seamlessly. These beasts are long-lasting and proficient when it comes to serving your needs. Pronar chaser bins have a capacity above 20T and they are engineered to seamlessly travel across ditches and function on fields that are positioned at a lower level than the road.

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Mixer Feeders

Produce quality fodder with Pronar UK’s mixer feeders. We vouch for the fact that our product will bring about better result owing to their reliability as well as longevity. Our feeders come in various sizes, optimized to serve customer needs. These feeders are self-driven and possess various lengths of vertical augers. We are the best solution for customers involved in livestock farming.

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