Agricultural Trailers

Pronar Trailers are some of world's most popular trailers for Agricultural and Construction purposes.

Trusted and tested by farmers Nationally.

Single-Axle Trailers

Pronar UK provides single axle trailers. These trailers weigh less than a double-axle trailer and due to this, they run much more economically. Having a slightly smaller single axle trailer can also increase manouverability, this is because our trailers are not much bigger and as heavy than the machinery you tend to haul with them.

Single Axle Benefits: Economic, Value, Manouverable and Compact.

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Double-Axle Trailers

Double axle trailers are built with two axles being placed in close proximity to one another that help in distributing the cargo’s weight load more evenly. These trailers are moreover stable at highway speeds. Having improved suspension, the double axle trailers are way safer over longer haulage journeys.

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Tri-Axle Trailers

The Pronar UK Tri-axle Trailer range is renowned for its strength and stability.

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Tandem Trailers

Our Tandem Trailers are known to be some of the best in the country. They provide our customers the perfect amount of style and stability needed for the UK roads and weather.

Tandem Axle Trailer Benefits: Stable at motorway speeds, Increased haul size.

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Tridem Trailers

Whilst only having one Tridem trailer at Pronar. We believe that this one trailer competes and takes over the ones available in its class. Click here to see the beautiful T682.

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Built for strength and durability, the range of monocoque trailers from Pronar have been developed to tackle the toughest working conditions on the planet.

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Dumper Trailers

Our Dump trailers are some of the best in the nation with their superior design and engineering. These massive cleanup trailers bring down workload and upgrade the result. These multi-purpose machines are configured to serve large-scale commercial as well as small-scale agricultural purposes. These user-friendly apparatuses have Interstate Battery, 5 amp charging plug, lockable battery box, three-way combo gates to smoothen extensive processes, scissor lifts and much more!

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Bale Trailers

Pronar's Bale trailers will be the perfect baling companion for when you need to shift bales of all shapes and sizes from point A to point B.

Built for all purpose baling.

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Cattle Trailers

The cattle trailers at pronar are guranteed to keep all of your farm animals safe and sound.

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Chaser Bins

Transport lump sum harvest with Pronar’s proactive chaser bins seamlessly. These beasts are long-lasting and proficient when it comes to serving your needs. Pronar chaser bins have a capacity above 20T and they are engineered to seamlessly travel across ditches and function on fields that are positioned at a lower level than the road.

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Hook Lift Trailers

The versatile Pronar Hooklift Trailers have been developed to meet an increasing demand from our customers who require a multi-purpose trailer. This unit is suitable for Forestry, Arb, Argi, Plant or a mix of all four.

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