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Pronar's Log Fork

The Log Fork by Pronar is mainly used in sawmills, forestry. It enables efficient collection of logs from your storage, loading means of transport and transshipment. In addition, allows the transport over short distances. Appropriate design of the gripper and fasteners allows for easy and fast assembly and disassembly of the gripper to the pallet fork carriage. Biasing the log fork is movable arm operated hydraulic cylinder controlled by solenoid quick with a front loader.

Log Fork Features

  • Strong
  • Easy to use
  • Universal
  • Functional
  • Reliable

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Technical Data

Log Diameter 2.04 M
Height 1.22 M
Width 0.21 M
Length 1.43 M
Nominal Pressure 0.51 M
Nominal Pressure 18 MPa
Weight 75 KG
Holter Quality Grade 2A acc. ISO2328 M
Hydraulic System LC1650 (Two Plugs for CK) EURO (Plug + Socket for CKE) -
** Note With pallet fork (35WP1 or 35WP type) **

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