Snowblowers - OFW26

OFW26 Description

Snowblower Pronar OFW 2.6 is the ideal device for removing thick layers of snow, ice and slush, especially dense from any surface, regardless of its thickness and structure. It will prove ideal on residential streets, roads, parks and very large areas, and places where the plow is not able to remove the snow cover or the it is necessary to collect and transfer the material aside. The working width of 2,6m allows de-snowing of large surfaces in just one pass.

The OFW 2.6 Snowblower may be aggregated with carriers equipped with PTO drive The 1000 rpm drive ensure fast and smooth operation. Additionally the machine has a universal transmission allows for attaching with machines that have euither left, or right rotation direction. The machine also has an adjustable working angle of angle +/- 10 *, which allows to force the working position. The snowblower may be aggregated the most popular media, with the suspension of three-point linkage cat. II/ III, DIN plate type A or B, Setra plate.

The cutting-rotor system used in Pronar OFW 2.6 ideally meets the requirements of snow removing machines. The combination cutter- (ideal to reject very hard snow) with rotor- system (very good for soft and friable snow) ensures the optimal operation and efficiency on all types of snow and in all conditions.

Machinery Features

  • Lightweight Design
  • Solid Construction
  • Universal
  • Fucntional

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Technical Data

Working Width 2.6 M
Working Height 1.25 M
Blowing Distances 5-30 M
Efficiency 4600 m3/min
Snail Diameter 950 mm
Rotor Diameter 880 mm
Mounting 3pt hitch cat. II / III -
Min. Power Requirement 100 kW
PTO Speed 1000 RPM
Recommended Working Speed MAX 2 KM/H
Guiding 478 kg
Weight 1670 kg

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