Snowblowers - OW15

OW15 Description

Snowblower PRONAR OW 1.5 thanks to compact size can be attached on smaller tractors and work in hard accessible areas such as narrow streets, footpaths or parking lots. OW 1.5 snow blower is designed to remove snow and ice and throw it away to the side or onto a trailer from road surface or other area. The discharge chute angle can be hydraulically adjusted from operator’s cabin and the throwing distance can be adjusted manually. The blade and sliders are made of hardox steel.

Machinery Features

  • Lightweight Design
  • Solid Construction
  • Universal
  • Fucntional

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Technical Data

Working Width 1.5 M
Working Height 0.58 M
Blowing Distances 5-20 M
Efficiency 5-7 m3/min
Snail Diameter 320 mm
Rotor Diameter 440 mm
Mounting 3pt hitch cat. I and II -
Power Requirement Range 25-60 HP
PTO Speed 540-1000 RPM
Weight 320 kg

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