Attatchments - Baler Cutter PB1.5 E W

The Pronar Baler Cutter PB1.5 E W

The PB1.5 E W is a baler cutter created by pronar to not only cut bales and hay but to transport such produce to the feeding place or loading a mixer wagon with holding of foil or net.

PB1.5 E W Baler Cutter Features

  • Replacable Teeth
  • Screwed Fork
  • Regulated Bumper
  • Hydraulic Installation
  • Hydraulic Operated Foil Holder

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Technical Data

Weight 500 KG
Diameter of cut bale 1200รท1500 MM
Cutting Width 1350 MM
Opening Height (fork to teeth) 1450 MM
Width 1780 MM
Height of Opening 1700 MM
Height of Closing 1100 MM
Depth of Closing 1350 MM
Depth of Cut 0.73 M
Number of Horizontal Teeth 6 Teeth
Spacing between Teeth 300 MM
**Note Weight is dependent on whether it is welded together or screwed together**

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