Unimog - PB2100

PB2100 Description

Trailer PRONAR PB2100 with a total weight of 10 tons is a vehicle designed for operation with light trucks. The construction of trailer has been adapted to transport any bulk materials (eg. Gravel, sand, debris), but by obtaining inside width 2420 mm there is also the possibility of transporting materials on euro pallets. Placed in the floor holders designed to securely attach cargo straps. Body capacity reaching 10 m3 and load capacity up to 7000 kg allow the use of trailers for transporting materials of various weights. Thanks to a special opening system of individual sides. The equipment is very easy to use, allowing for quick and efficient loading with no additional operator intervention.

Machinery Features

  • Durable
  • Solid Construction
  • Universal
  • Functional

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Technical Data

Total Permissible Weight 10000 kg
Load Capacity 7000 KG
Empty Weight 3100 KG
Loading Volume 10.1
Loading Space 10.1
Loading Case Inside Length 4190 mm
Loading Case Inside Width 2420 mm
Dimensions (L x W x H) 6500/2550/2500* mm
Sidewall Height 500+500 mm
Floor/Wall Thickness 4/2 mm
Platform Height Measured From The Ground Up to 1300 mm
Wheel Track 1990 mm
Suspension Mechanical
Tyres 265/70 R19,5 KG
Maximum Speed 100 KMH
Tractor Power Requirement 62.6/46 hp/kW
Loading Hitches 8
Height with a Wall Cover*

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