Unimog - PUT-S58

PUT-S58 Description

PRONAR PUT-S58 telescopic snowplow is ideal proposition for snow removing from highways, motorways, air port strip and other areas that require often and precise snow removal. It is also suited for operating on national-class roads. A universal solution for working on different widths of de-snowed surface thanks to a telescopic structure. Mounting for DIN type A standard plate allows to aggregate the machine for most carriers.

Machinery Features

  • Durable
  • Solid Construction
  • Universal
  • Functional

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Technical Data

Mounting DIN 76060 TYPE A plate kg
Working Width 3220-4915 mm
Working Height 1090 mm
Cutting Edges Metal/Rubber/Ceramic (Combined) -
Control Electro-Hydraulic -
Electric Power Supply 24 V
Skids Standard -
Clearance Lights Standard -
Working Speed 60 KM/H
Carrier Loading Capacity Max 8 t, with 2 (or more) axle drive or more then 8 t -
Weight 1760 KG
7-PIN accoding to ISO 16028 electic socket Standard -
Hydraulic socket type ISO 16028 size 12,5 3 or 4 -

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