Muncipal Trailers - T286

T286 Description

Hook lift trailer Pronar T286 is a versatile product that can be applied to various works in agricultural, construction, municipal, forestry or horticulture. Purchasing this trailer is a great saving for a farmer which is gained from the single chassis which is used and multiple bodies which are made based on hook container’s frame. PRONAR T286 has the features that greatly enhance its functionality and range of use.

Machinery Features

  • Easy to Use
  • Solid Construction
  • Universal
  • Fucntional

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Technical Data

Technically Total Permissible Weight 23000 kg
Total Permissible Weight 23000 kg
Load Capacity 17100(Including Weight of a Container) KG
Empty Weight 5900 KG
Length without a Container 7870 mm
Width without a Container 2550 mm
Hook Height (min/max) 1450/1570 mm
Rolls Track 1070 mm
Permissable Dimensions of container
Length (mix/max) 5400/6900 mm
Internal Length (min/max) 5000/6500 mm
Width max.2550 Degrees
Internal Height max. 2000 mm
Ground Clearance under Floor min. 150 mm
Height of trailer without container 2990 mm
Height of Guide Rollers from the Ground 1230 mm
Container max tipping angle/oil requirement/ oil pressure 50/25/200 degrees/l/bar
Wheel Track 2000 mm
Suspension Parabolic Springs -
Hitch-Ring Load 3000 KG
Tyres 445/65 R22.5 -
Maximum Speed 40 KMH
Tractor Power Requirement 125/92 hp/kW

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