Attatchments - Silage Cutter WK-1.5/1.25

The Pronar Silage Cutter WK1.5/1.25

Skillful preparation of silage is only half the battle - Pronar knows how important it is to collect and transport material. For this procedure, we created the WK1.5/1.25

WK Silage Cutter Features

  • Cutting Force
  • Durability
  • Aggregation
  • Ease of use
  • Speed

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Technical Data

Weight 580-604 KG
Depth 1.12-1.14 M
Volume of Cut Block 1
Width 1.59 M
Cutting Width 1.49 M
Height after Opening 1.38 M
Height after Closing 0.95 M
Opening Height 0.86 M
Depth of Cut 0.73 M
Number of Horizontal Teeth 11+2 Teeth
**Note Weight is dependent on whether it is welded together or screwed together**

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